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I Lament the Loss of the Old Photobooth

19 Nov

I do miss the old photobooths.

These are some photos of my Mum, my sister and I from circa 1976.

I love the way Mum has posed, not gazing but a reasonably intent stare off to the side. Why Mum? She quite often did this in photobooths but not normal happy snaps. Note to self, ask Mum why.

I’m the one with the bad bowl cut (looks like I’ve hacked at my fringe) loving my Indian lollipop and my sister is pleased as punch about something, which is surprising given I’m the one with the lollipop.

I also love that Mum kept the one with only half of my head. This had been in the family photo album forever. Most people would have edited that as a dud and chucked it but not my Mum. No, that’s a keeper!

I love that people pose and do much more stupid things in a photobooth. It also reminds me of the movie Amelie. And when the now defunct Remo store on Oxford St, Darlinghurst had one on the ground level, next to the cafe. There is something quite special about that little space you cram into with friends, not really knowing if you all fit in the shot or not.

These pics are precious to me. They are yellowing, delicate and torn. They remind me of a time when perhaps my sister and I did get along (we didn’t speak to each other for almost 9 years). A time when Mum seemed glad to have kids.


The Creative Itch

10 Nov

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

A Million Little Pictures: Photomobile
Most people have some sort of creative itch.  Mine is pretty much anything visual.  I basically love to just make.

Even though I have a background in the arts, I still find myself paralysed.  Perhaps it was over-training??  But then again, I think that most people with a creative streak experience this crushing feeling inside.  One day, looking at a blog I found a link to The Sketchbook Project, run by the Brooklyn Library.  So I signed up and excitedly waited 10 days for my moleskin diary to arrive, pleased with my selected theme of ‘adhere to me’.  I’d been thinking and planning what I’d do, I was ready to start.  I ripped open that beautiful, little brown package…. only to discover my theme was ‘make mine a double’?????  What happened???  I’m POSITIVE I didn’t pick that.  Hmm, I can be quite apathetic at times and I just decided it was too much hassle to try to change it. 

Well, I’ve had that little diary for about a month and a half now… been trying to think what to do, don’t want to do the obvious, which has been frequently suggested, to just do doubles of everything.  Now I have an idea and formulated a plan.  But what was meant to be a bit of fun, play, has gripped me with the fear.  I keep coming up with reasons of why I can’t start just yet.  For example, I have to get some pictures printed.  I have to go to the art shop.  I don’t have time at the moment……  And then, I discovered their photography project!!!

AMLP is the same concept, but photography.  Sign up, pick a theme and they send you a disposable camera to go nuts with.  YEAH!!!!!!  I love photography!!  I should have listened to my lecturer when I was at art school and change photography to my major but nooooo, I stuck to sculpture.  Why?  Financial and procrastination reasons mostly.  I knew that the photog majors had an assignment due every week.  Yes, every week.  To a natural procrastinator like me, that’s just majoring in hell.  Also, an assignment every week meant loads of $$$$ spent on photography paper and film.  Shheeeeetttt.  But my love of photography has never left, as you can tell if you’ve looked at any of my other posts.

So now I am anixously awaiting my package so I can get snapping.  My theme this time is ’27 days of’.  You will have to wait and see what the 27 days are going to be of.

I’m also hoping that getting the photography bit going will kick my butt into gear to get the sketchbook happening.

Maybe you should sign up too?

A little bit of architecture, my obsession with the ANZAC Bridge and random loosely related pix…

9 Nov
I love buildings, any type of building or bridge….
This is a selection of photos taken from my mobile over the past couple of years, so excuse the poor quality!

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Staring at the Sky

5 Nov

I do love pix of the sky…. not terribly original, I know but there is a saying that anything original has already been done.

Not to be deterred, here are a random selection of sky pix I’ve taken on the iphone:



I just had to include this because I was so fortunate to experience rain on the rock. Amazing Uluru.

Not technically a pure sky shot, but still love it so had to put it up.  King George Park, Rozelle.

Same again...... Bronte Beach

Can't remember where I took this one.

The Entertainment Quarter

Temporary Internation Passenger Terminal, Sussex St, Sydney

ANZAC Bridge

An overnight trip to Melbourne

4 Nov

Recently I had a super quick overnight trip to Melbourne for work. 

Forgot my camera but was able to get a few pix from the good ol iphone.

My fav eatery


My walk!

No soup for you!


Heaven is having two seats to yourself

Coffee snob

3 Nov

It’s true, I am a fussy coffee snob.  In fact, I’m proud to admit it!!

One of my dear friends has coined me a beverage snob due to not only my coffee snobbery but also my cafe/chain cafe snobbery.  I don’t like Gloria Jeans nor Starbucks.  I can bore you with my philosophical aversion to chains such as these, but let’s just say that I have issues with them.  I’m one for the independent cafe owner.. unless it’s Bourke Street Bakery or Sonoma, they are in a special category which is a-ok in my book of rules to live by. 

The upshot is that I’m hard to please when it comes to coffee.  Luckily Benny, the barista in the cafe within my work, is awesome.  Rarely does he disappoint.  This includes funny, sardonic banter which frequently sees me through the day.  I do have favourite brands: Campos, Toby’s Estate, Allpress.  When I see these, I know that I have a fairly good shot at getting a decent coffee ‘cos boy, when I’m on the end of a bad coffee, it can really ruin my day!  I know that there is an art to a good coffee and unfortunately, I did work in a cafe for a while and know some basics.  So when I see the barista fail to purge the machine or clean the group head, I feel myself starting to seeth.  Uncleanliness is unforgivable in my book.  Don’t be lazy, wipe that wand.

On a recent mini-break with a friend, she expressed how difficult life must be when one has such standards.  She suggested that her lack of fussiness made her a whole lot easier to please.  Obviously, a ridiculous statement to make to a devout coffee lover.  Ludicrous, in fact!

Which brings me to the point of this post, a very disappointing coffee at Catherine & Piper cafe in Lilyfield/Annandale.  For the price they charge, the very least they can do is make a decent  coffee.

Phew, feel better now I’ve gotten that off my chest!


8 Oct