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Coffee snob

3 Nov

It’s true, I am a fussy coffee snob.  In fact, I’m proud to admit it!!

One of my dear friends has coined me a beverage snob due to not only my coffee snobbery but also my cafe/chain cafe snobbery.  I don’t like Gloria Jeans nor Starbucks.  I can bore you with my philosophical aversion to chains such as these, but let’s just say that I have issues with them.  I’m one for the independent cafe owner.. unless it’s Bourke Street Bakery or Sonoma, they are in a special category which is a-ok in my book of rules to live by. 

The upshot is that I’m hard to please when it comes to coffee.  Luckily Benny, the barista in the cafe within my work, is awesome.  Rarely does he disappoint.  This includes funny, sardonic banter which frequently sees me through the day.  I do have favourite brands: Campos, Toby’s Estate, Allpress.  When I see these, I know that I have a fairly good shot at getting a decent coffee ‘cos boy, when I’m on the end of a bad coffee, it can really ruin my day!  I know that there is an art to a good coffee and unfortunately, I did work in a cafe for a while and know some basics.  So when I see the barista fail to purge the machine or clean the group head, I feel myself starting to seeth.  Uncleanliness is unforgivable in my book.  Don’t be lazy, wipe that wand.

On a recent mini-break with a friend, she expressed how difficult life must be when one has such standards.  She suggested that her lack of fussiness made her a whole lot easier to please.  Obviously, a ridiculous statement to make to a devout coffee lover.  Ludicrous, in fact!

Which brings me to the point of this post, a very disappointing coffee at Catherine & Piper cafe in Lilyfield/Annandale.  For the price they charge, the very least they can do is make a decent  coffee.

Phew, feel better now I’ve gotten that off my chest!