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Hello Blossom!!

24 Sep

The warmer months in Sydney are just awesome!!

The air smells better, people are happier, the flowers are blooming, things are just ace!

My partner (or man-friend as I like to call him) is a landscaper/gardener and after much nagging I got him to buy me a cherry blossom tree and this amazing variety of japanese maple tree that has a red trunk. We’ve had them for about a month now and it’s been exciting to watch the buds slowly grow and develop in to leaves and blossoms.

We had much deliberation about where to plant them. Since we are renting, I wasn’t too keen on planting them in the ground because when we eventually move out, I want to take them with us. Debate points were the possums, our dog Samuel, where they would look best asethetically and possible theft. In the end we planted them at the front of the house, which makes for a lovely wake up in the morning since they are right outside our bedroom window. One day I arrived home from work and found Dom and my nephew Quintin, fashioning a kind of metal rope thingy to the sandstone (yikes!) to thwart potential thefts. I thought this was a touch drastic and the worrier in me just felt a bit ill that the owners may not like him drilling into the block of sandstone that is circa 100 years old! What’s wrong with the mortar? I lamented…

Anyhoo, I digress. I just wanted to share these snaps with you, taken this morning on my way out the door to work on my phone.

Have a fab weekend!